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Visight company had just finished spending thousands of dollars on getting a perfect website designed and built. And they spent extra hundreds of dollars on professional video for their homepage and their logo, as a cherry on top.

Achieved a Click Through Rate of 0.09% generating a number of new sales

What did they get?

An aesthetically remarkable website that was a pleasure to look at…

But guess what?

There was no one there to look at it…

Imagine having a masterpiece designed only to find out that it is sitting in a desert somewhere alone…

Now you must be wondering…

But why?

Because the website was so poorly SEO optimized that it was chilling at the last page of Google Search Engine…


When this company contacted us, we laid down a detailed plan in front of them. On our consultancy call, we explained to them how we will boost their SEO ranking in just 12 months. They signed a contract with us and we started working on their website…

The goal was to increase the impressions on their website so that they can get eyeballs on their masterpiece. But we all know that impressions are just one side of the coin and there is another important metric known as “Clicks”.

So, basically, there were two goals: increase impressions and number of clicks.

0.08% CTR

27% less CPA

295% ROI

12 Months Later

Well, we ran an extremely successful outreaching campaign and within just 12 months of working on their website, we got them an overwhelming 22.5 million impressions and a massive 640000 clicks.

Imagine having millions of people visiting your website and hundreds of thousands of people clicking on it…

Do you begin to notice how that will boost your business?

Now, I’d like to help you experience the same benefits that Visight did by using our SEO services.

So, click on the link below and let’s take your business to the next level!

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